How to Manage Your Honey Bees in the winter?

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Honey bees work hard all over the year through different climates in different seasons, so raising honey bees requires proper management all year round. 

Even though beekeeping is commonly regarded in the warm months, you should give attention to some information’s about what you should do to manage your bees during the winter months:

...If the bees have not stored up enough honey to survive the winter months, then they will suffer from difficult situations during these cold months and will start to exhibit signs of starvation.

Some bees may die out during this cold time and will need to be disposed of.

You should watch your bees carefully during the winter season to avoid this condition of starvation, and if you find out the food stores are low, then you may need to create some sugar syrup for them in order to maintain the remaining bees.

... To ensure that there will be enough worker bees available in spring for honey production and to gather pollen, you should get your queen bees ready.

Ensure that your queen bee is laying enough eggs so that. If you feel that your queen bee is not producing enough, then you can always re-queen by purchasing a new queen bee as a replacement.

...To avoid destruction of your colonies by diseases you should check your hives consistently for any signs of disease - Disease within a colony can wipe it out completely. 

If you find any signs of disease, then all equipment should be disposed of immediately.

These are just some tips to get you managing and raising honey bees effectively so that you can get ready for the spring months. Managing your bees can be a fun experience if you continue to work at it all year round.

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