Bees and Their Effect on Us and Our Environment

Honey bee gardens
Bees play a very important role in the world food supply. These small and incredibly busy insects are responsible for the way that we are able to get food and keep it.
Pollination is fundamental to sexual production in plants, Pollination is therefore essential for agriculture and environmental management, and a variety of pollinators are required to maintain reproduction across a broad spectrum of plant species.
Bees have such close relationships or connections with certain plants that if this connection or relation was to be broken, those plants would become extinct.

Recent years have brought dramatic decline to the bee population; this decline can be attributed to intensive methods of farming where the increased use of pesticides pollutes the plants that provide food for the bees.

There are other issues that contribute to this pandemic, like cooler wet summer seasons and increased cold winters or in other are very hot summer seasons.

Other problems includes the parasite known as the Varroa mite, it weakens the bee's immune system.This exposes the bees to attacks from other diseases, should a colony become contaminated by mites it's imperative that the problem is treated immediately to avoid the colony being wiped out.

The other challenges that bees face are Genetically Modified crops and extreme weather patterns caused by climate change.

What is the solutions  of these problems facing bees ?

1-     Getting rid of deadly chemical pesticides.
2-     Growing a lot of plants that have nectar rich flowers.

Finally I'd like to urge everyone who's passionate about nature to set up beehives in gardens and start taking care of them.

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