Critical Beekeeping Supplies

bee keeping supplies
If you love beekeeping ,you need to keep some important beekeeping supplies

Self-safety is critical for beekeepers , Using protective clothing can be a good idea. 

The essential supplies like hats, mask, gloves and beekeeping suits can be handy.

Focus especially on the safety of your face. Skilled and learner beekeepers should remember this. You can use a hat and a mask for protecting your face. 

Using gloves during beekeeping tasks is a must for protecting your hands - especially in the instances when you extract honey and handle a honeybee colony. 

You should also use the beekeepers' kits to stay safe from bee venom. 

Using a "smoker" will help you in working with the comb or the bees. 

Smokers are designed to emit smoke that makes bees to seek out food, and that's apparent as the smoke makes them to leave the hive

The bees feel a sense of urgency anticipating a fire. Smoke can also trigger alarm pheromones to be released by the hive's guard bees as they sense an intruder. And the beekeeper's job becomes easier when the bees are confused. 

The smoke is produced by different kinds of fuels. 

Most beekeepers like to use a blend of those. 

There are eco-friendly natural fuels that you can use. Hessian (burlap) and twine are among the common fuels. 

Then again, pine needles and corrugated cardboards can be also used as smoke creators. 

Burning rotten wood or using typical pulped paper and/or compressed cotton work for some people. Finally, beekeepers also use aerosol cans to make smoke.

Bees are naturally experts in locating food, but arranging some extra sugar syrup can really help. 

This sugar syrup keeps them from starving. The syrup keeps them going when there isn't enough food around. Sugar syrup kindles the egg-laying capacity of bees .

Beekeepers also need feeders for feeding bees . 

Many varieties of feeders are available, but hive tops, pails or division boards are pretty common.

In summer, bees are constantly moving and tend to stay away from the hive most of the time. That's why it makes more sense using entrance feeders.

Beekeepers also use wax sheet foundations to make artificial hives for housing the bees .
This helps the bees to use the sheet as the base of the comb and they start building combs on the foundation sheets. 

These are quite useful when you need to extract honey

Bees need to work less hard to build their hive on these sheets.

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Randy Stevens said...

Thanks for sharing this, because I have been wanting to read more about beekeeping ever since I got into it from a friend. I went with him to get some beekeeping supplies and I helped him build some beehives. I have since built my own and I have become enamored with collecting honey and building more hives.

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