what is The 7 Most important Beekeeper Supplies?

bee keeping supplies
Before starting in beekeeping, every beekeeper needs to know that there are certain items that they need to have at their disposal before the activity of bee keeping can begin.
Most of these beekeeper supplies are available at a number of local beekeeping shops or online from various websites.

Here are some of the most important tools for beekeeping necessary to make your beekeeping hobby a safe and enjoyable one:

1. Beekeeping guide :

When you are getting into beekeeping, it is important to get a Beekeeping guide to be well informed before beginning beekeeping.

2. The Appropriate Beekeeping Attire :

The single most dangerous thing in the activity of beekeeping is the bee stings. Bees tend to sting people while defending themselves and their territory from intrusion. 

Every beekeeper needs to wear appropriate beekeeping attire which includes a full body suit, a pair of gloves and a beekeeping hat that can cover the areas of the body that are usually exposed, like hands, the face, the legs and arms.

The body suit should be white and made of strong but lightweight material that can protect you from bee stings when you are accessing their bee hive to relocate it, when harvesting honey or any activity dealing directly with the bees, then you will carry out your activities in and around the beehive with relaxation and peace of mind knowing well that you are safe.

3. Bee Smokers :

Important item which rates highly on the list of beekeeper supplies is the bee smoker. Exposing the beehive to smoke is way to calm the bees when working with the beehive. 

Smoke will also disorient the bees allowing you to harvest their honey without them attacking you and it can also mask your scent.

Most of these bee smokers use cardboard, burlap, old wood, pine needles and twine as fuels that smolder within the smoker producing smoke. 

With a bee smoker, the bees can not detect the pheromones which warn them of the presence of an intruder. The bees are then fooled into thinking that they need to leave the hive which engorges them on the honey and as such become somewhat unable to sting.

4. Artificial Bee Hives :

The habitat for your bees should always be your top priority before pursuing beekeeping.

It is very important to create a habitat for the bees because without this habitat, it is impossible for the bees to breed, reproduce and produce honey.

You can use an artificial bee hive, which often has a foundation made of a thin sheet of wax. 

Artificial bee hives are often used to encourage the bees to make their honeycombs which will make harvesting honey easier.

The bee hive should be large enough to house all of your bees (worker, drone and queen) and storing the honey produced.

5. Honey Extracting Tools:

The most important step in beekeeping process is harvesting the honey from your bees' hive by getting this honey from the combs.

It is important to have the proper Honey Extracting tools to make it easier.

These extractors are available from most beekeeping shops and the people working there can even assist you with what you need.

6. Bee Feeder :

Although bees are self-reliant and know where to find nourishment, they would still need supplements to keep them healthy.

You will need a feeder where you can put these supplements like sugar syrup for your bees. 

Bee feeders come in different forms - it can be a hive pail, a division board or a hive top, which come in handy during the winter months. During summer, you can let your bees use an entrance bee feeder.

7. Honey Storage containers :

After harvesting the honey properly, you need to store the honey in a safe place to avoid it going bad or pouring. 

A full list of beekeeper supplies should always have storage items like Jars and containers where the honey can be stored after extraction. 

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