Raising Queen Bees - a profitable project

honey bee keeping
Queen bees are the most important member in the bee colony.
Raising queen bees needs your full attention as you are raising very delicate creatures.

Beginners in beekeeping can buy their bees in different forms depending on their budget, their experience, and how much time they are able to dedicate to their project.

Raising queen bees is more difficult than raising a colony.

Queen bees need more attention and experience as you must separate any queen that appears from the colony to start forming a new colony.

If you want to see your colony producing honey as soon as possible, then you need to buy a complete colony to start with.
The complete colony contains one queen bee, several thousands of worker bees, and some male bees for reproduction.

If you want to see your colony grow step by step in front of your eyes, then you need to buy a smaller colony that contains only few thousands of worker bees.

You have to wait some time for your young colony to grow.

You will need to nourish them and provide them with the needed care to grow and start producing honey regularly.

By separating any new queen bee appears in each colony, then you can have many queen bees that are ready for making new bee colonies.

It is a profitable project to raise queen bees and sell them to other bee keepers.

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